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●The dragon boat festival is a traditional chinese fastival.We hold the festival to remember the great poet Qu Yuan.He was a loyal minister of Chu,and ended his life in Miluo river after his country been destroyed by the enemy. During dragon boat festival,we eat zongzi,which is a special dumpling made of rice and have some sweet stuffing in it.In many provinces,there would be a boating race,and many people would insert Amy on the door,in order to exorcise evil spirits and blessing for peace.Many children would wear a kind of special hand catenary,it made of five colors of cotton lines.It is believed that it can help the chilren become healther.

英语作文 6月20日,是我国传统节日端午节

问题补充:英语作文 6月20日,是我国传统节日端午节
●On June 20th, Dragon Boat Festival is our traditional festival


●The Dragon Boat Festival in my hometown is there are a lot of cultured. Zongzi, leaves a request, the fresh bamboo leaves; Green green; Sending out the light faint scent. If use dry out after the dumplings boiled bamboo leaves no bamboo fragrance. One afternoon before the Dragon Boat Festival all raw materials ready, white glutinous rice soaked in water, full of red bean, peanut, have already ready, or chopped pork belly, have already with good ingredients flooded system. With deft hands industrious goodwife is left folded right, then use the rope layer upon layer, a delicate rice dumplings was born soon. Cooked pot and the house was filled with the fragrance of bamboo and rice dumplings. In addition to eating zongzi and eggs is little not. This two kinds of food are put together, even if you don't eat just looking at is to enjoy, the red oval eggs, meat green irregular shape of the dumplings, from color collocation to the combination of shape, it. Smoked, hang mugwort on the lintel on the Dragon Boat Festival day. Hang sachets, various shapes of decorations, cloth make it bright put spices on the inside. Every year my mother to help me buy a hanging in his chest.我家乡的端午节是有很多讲究的。包粽子,粽叶有要求,新鲜的竹叶;碧绿碧绿的;散发着淡淡的清香。如果用干的竹叶包出的粽子煮熟后就没有竹叶的清香。端午节的前一天下午一切原料准备到位,洁白的糯米浸泡在清水里,饱满的红豆,花生仁,都早已泡好,或是切好的五花肉块,都早已用作料淹制好。勤劳的女主人正用灵巧的双手左折右叠,再用绳子层层缠绕,很快一个精致的粽子便诞生了。煮熟了揭开锅,屋里顿时都弥漫着竹叶和粽子的香气。除了吃粽子,鸡蛋也是少不了的。这两种食物放在一起,即使不吃只看看就是享受了,肉红色的椭圆的鸡蛋,碧绿的不规则形状的粽子,从颜色的搭配到形状的组合,都煞是好看。熏,在端午节这天把艾蒿挂在门楣上。挂香包,鲜艳的布料做成各种形状的饰物,里面放上香料。每年妈妈都要帮我买上一个挂在胸前。


●两篇 一长一短 一  The Dragon Boat Festival ,also called the Duanwu Festival ,is celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth month according to the Chinese calendar.People always eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races to celebrate it.   The festival is best known for its dragon-boat races,especially in the southern places where there are many rivers and lakes. Ití?s very popular.   The rice dumpling is made of glutinous rice,meat and so on. You can eat different kinds of rice dumplings.They are very delicious.   And Dragon Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan. He is an honest minister who is said to have committed suicide by drowning himself in a river.   Overall, the Dragon Boat Festival is very interesting!   The Dragon Boat Festival is a lunar holiday, occurring on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month   The Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is a significant holiday celebrated in China, and the one with the longest history. The Dragon Boat Festival is celebrated by boat races in the shape of dragons. Competing teams row their boats forward to a drumbeat racing to reach the finish end first.   The boat races during the Dragon Boat Festival are traditional customs to attempts to rescue the patriotic poet Chu Yuan. Chu Yuan drowned on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month in 277 B.C. Chinese citizens now throw bamboo leaves filled with cooked rice into the water. Therefore the fish could eat the rice rather than the hero poet. This later on turned into the custom of eating tzungtzu and rice dumplings.   The celebration's is a time for protection from evil and disease for the rest of the year. It is done so by different practices such as hanging healthy herbs on the front door, drinking nutritious concoctions, and displaying portraits of evil's nemesis, Chung Kuei. If one manages to stand an egg on it's end at exactly 12:00 noon, the following year will be a lucky one. 二 Dragon Boat Festival is my favourite festival.During the holiday of Dragon Boat Festival,I got together with my family to have a big meal.We ofen ate the zongzi.It tasted very nice.And we saw the Dragon Boat Races.I felt excited because the race was bustling with noise and excitement.At Dragon Boat Festival,we also drank realgar wine.Some people thought drank realgar wine can protect themselves from illness.Dragon Boat Festival was interesting and I like it very much.


●端午节包粽子 两千多年前,伟大的爱国诗人屈原在汩罗江边仰天长叹一声,投入了滚滚激流,两千多年后,五月初五成了传统节日——端午节,大家包粽子、划龙舟、煮鸡蛋,用各种方式来纪念这位伟大的爱国诗人。 又是一年端午节,我很想体会体会这种气氛,便向奶奶要求,让她教我怎样包粽子。 包粽子,首先要把箬叶洗干净,在热水中泡软。再准备好枣子、鸡蛋、肉等做陷,将自己喜欢的陷煮得香喷喷的,就可以开工了。先把长长的箬叶折叠,围拢来,做成一个窝,中间放进调配好的糯米和粳米,包出棱角。然后把陷放在米里,和在一起揉匀,最后把箬叶包着的粽子做成四角的形状。 这包粽子的功夫全在最后一道工序,你的粽子包得好不好,就看四个角是不是匀称,是不是有型。我开始学的时候,总是把四个角弄歪了,不是成了六个角,就是揉成一团球了。 奶奶就不止一次看着我的“杰作”发笑:“这,这能叫粽子吗?你让细线系在什么地方啊?” 我晕!感情粽子包出四个棱角是方便用细线系着挂起来的,怎么这世界上就没有圆粽子呢? 包好的粽子放进锅里用猛火煮,大约1小时后,改文火煮30分钟就可以。 在煮粽子的过程中,我总是急不可耐地要揭盖子察看情况。因为从锅里飘出那粽子的香气,馋得我直流口水。 等待的时间总是特别的漫长,看到热气腾腾的粽子终于从锅里“解放”出来的时候,我高兴得手舞足蹈。放在碗里,用筷子剥开,就可以看到里面金黄松软的“粽肉”了,咬一口,美味无比,我差点连筷子都要咬下来了。今年端午节,我学会了包粽子,品尝到自己劳动的果实,那感觉不是一般的甜蜜。The Dragon Boat Festival zongziMore than two thousand years ago, a great patriotic poet qu yuan at the edge of the lost face upwards with a sigh, invested rolling rapids, two thousand years later, fifth became a traditional festival - Dragon Boat Festival, people make zongzi, rowing, boiled egg, in a variety of ways to commemorate the great patriotic poet.Another year of the Dragon Boat Festival, I really want to experience this kind of atmosphere, to grandma, let she taught me how to make zongzi.Package dumplings, reed leaves washed in the first place, soft in the hot water. Again ready dates do trap, eggs, meat, etc, would you like cook a delicious, can start. The long reed leaves first fold, gathered to, to make a nest, intermediate in the deployment of glutinous rice and japonica rice, package the edges and corners. Then put in rice, and knead together, finally, the reed leaves wrapped dumplings made into the shape of the four corners.A process with all the zongzi kung fu at the last, well your dumplings package, see four angles is well-balanced, type is there. When I began to learn, always get four Angle slanting, not into six Angle, is the knead into a ball.Grandma just looked at my "masterpiece" laugh more than once: "this, this can be called zongzi? You keep fine line is in what place?"I'm dizzy! Love dumplings package out of the four edges and corners are convenient hanging from a thread tied up, how in the world, there is no round dumplings?Wrapped dumplings in a pot boil with high fire, about 1 hour later, change simmer for 30 minutes.In the process of boiled dumplings, I always eager to debunker review the situation. Because from pan out the aroma of the rice dumplings, food made my mouth water.So long waiting time is always special, see steaming dumplings finally "liberate" from the pot, I danced for joy. Crack in a bowl, chopsticks, you can see inside the golden soft "reed meat", a bite, delicious, I almost even chopsticks to bite down.The Dragon Boat Festival this year, I learned to package dumplings, enjoy the fruits of their labor, the feeling is not the general sweet.短一点的端午节快到了,你们知道端午节的儿歌,来历和风俗吗?如果还不知道,那我就向你们介绍一下吧。 每年的五月初五为端午节,是中国民间的传统节日,又称端阳节、重五节。 关于端午节的儿歌有:“五月五,是端阳。插艾叶,戴香囊。吃粽子,撒白糖。龙船下水喜洋洋。”这首民谣生动地表达了端午节的主要习俗。 端午节的两个主要活动,那就是赛龙舟和吃粽子。相传龙舟竞渡是为了捞救投汨罗江而死的爱国诗人屈原。把粽子投进江河,是让鱼蛟虾蟹吃饱了,不再去吃屈原的遗体。端午节流行于汉、壮、布依、侗、土家、仡佬等民族地区。Nursery rhymes include: about the Dragon Boat Festival "on May 5, is duanyang. Moxa leaf, wear a sachet. Eating zongzi, sprinkle sugar. Dragon boat launching pleasant goat." This ballad vividly expressed the Dragon Boat Festival's main custom.The Dragon Boat Festival's two main activities, that is, dragon boat racing and eating zongzi. Legend has it the dragon boat boatrace is for the sake of saving the miluo river and died of patriotic poet qu yuan. Put the dumplings into the rivers, it is to feed fish dumpling shrimp, crab, no longer to eat qu yuan's body.Dragon Boat Festival is popular in han, zhuang, and dong, tujia, GeLao and other ethnic minority areas.
●Dragon-Boat Festival


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